All our EcoStorage® products deliver a meaningful environmental benefit

Through our EcoStorage® line of products, we strive to achieve meaningful environmental impacts. We strive to reduce waste, energy, and toxic chemicals when creating our EcoStorage® products through the use of science, innovation, and unique partnerships. When possible, we reuse otherwise discarded materials in order to give new life to what would have been waste. We also seek to use sustainable raw materials to decrease the impact on our environment.

Our EcoStorage® Products
Shelving Racks

EcoStorage® Wire Shelving Racks

The chrome color finish is achieved without releasing any toxic chromium into the environment, all while increasing the performance of the finish, without sacrificing any of the color characteristics.

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EcoStorage® Stainless Steel Tables

EcoStorage® Stainless Steel Tables

Our EcoStorage® Stainless Steel Tables are made with 100% recyclable stainless steel, reducing the need of raw materials all while delivering quality products that fit the task.

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EcoStorage® Bamboo Products

EcoStorage® Bamboo Products

Bamboo is used in most of our items, not only because it is a sustainable and renewable source of material, but it is also durable enough to handle demanding tasks.

EcoStorage® Outdoor Deck Boxes

EcoStorage® Deck boxes

Our EcoStorage® Deck boxes are made with 100% recycled Polystyrene that is capable of resisting dents, stains, and rusts.

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All our EcoStorage® products deliver a meaningful environmental benefit in one or more of the following categories during production: waste, energy, or toxic emissions.

We want to focus our sustainability efforts on improvements that matter in order to make the most meaningful impact we can. Our EcoStorage® line is a key part of our commitment to promote environmental sustainability, as well as social responsibility.

Moving into the future, we want to work towards:

Using as much renewable or recycled materials for both products and packaging

Designing products that excite consumers while maximizing our meaningful environmental impacts