Shipping and Delivery of Large Products and Bulk Orders

Items or orders that ship via LTL (Less than Truck Load) Freight are curb-side delivery only. Please see the below video for our LTL curb-side delivery instructions. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact us before placing your order.

Curbside Delivery Instructions

After placing your order, TRINITY will call you to confirm shipping info before shipping your order.

*TRINITY will pass this info onto the trucking company.

Info we need to confirm with you:

  • Contact name
  • Reachable daytime phone number
  • Delivery address
For ResidenceFor Business

Delivery will arrive on a 53’ long tractor-trailer

  • Do you have any
    • Height restrictions?
    • Length restrictions?

Liftgate service is provided

Delivery will arrive on a 53’ long tractor-trailer

  • Do you have any
    • Height restrictions?
    • Length restrictions?
  • Do you have a loading dock?
  • Do you require an appointment?

Liftgate service is provided

Please note that this shipment will arrive on a pallet and will be a Curbside Delivery ONLY.

  • NOT onto your driveway.
  • NOT into your garage.
  • NOT into your house or business.
  • NOT up the stairs.

We suggest that you have a hand truckfurniture dolly. And/or another person there to assist in receiving this shipment as it is quite heavy.

Once the shipment arrives to the closest terminal, our trucking company will get in touch with your contact person to arrange for the delivery time and date.

Delivery times:

  • Monday – Friday [NO WEEKENDS]
  • Approximate 4-hour delivery window.

When your curbside delivery arrives:

  1. Inspect the product fully by walking around the pallet to ensure there are no signs of damage.
  2. If there is visible damage, cut the black straps and lift the box to do a closer inspection.
  3. If there is damage to the wood top or the frame DO NOT accept the shipment.
  4. Write DAMAGED on the delivery receipt. * If the driver is uncooperative do NOT sign the delivery receipt. Write DAMAGED and refuse the product.
  5. If you bought more than one product, only refuse the full damaged unit.
  6. Contact the retailer or TRINITY to arrange for replacement.
  7. If there is damage to the drawers, handles, or doors, you can accept the product. Contact TRINITY and we will replace those parts for you.
  8. If the product is not damaged, sign the delivery receipt and enjoy your unit.

Need Help?

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